Michelle & Frankie




I was so excited to meet him at a sushi restaurant one dreary Sunday for brunch, and was completely surprised when he texted me saying “The sushi place is closed until the evening, I’m at Dram & Morsel upstairs!” I was surprised mostly because he was early to the brunch date, which means I was now running late; I was in line trying to buy a dust pan about 15 minutes away. I hurriedly made my way downtown, marched up a mountain of stairs, and asked the hostess, “I’m looking for Frank?” She pointed directly behind me, and what breath I had left in me immediately turned into butterflies. Sitting down and chatting over brunch, I quickly learned not only is he handsome but an absolute kind-hearted gentleman. Brunch ended too quickly, and I knew I didn’t want the day to end there. We walked our way around downtown, smiling and laughing until we eventually made it to the sushi restaurant for dinner! 8 inseparable months later, he proposed downtown where we shared our first kiss…the fastest yes I could ever say!


I arrived early on our date to a downtown sushi place. It didn’t open until later that evening, but luckily there was another brunch place just upstairs. MichElle was a little late because she had to finish up some shopping. I got us a table which happened to be right by the entrance so I’d be easy to find. When she rounded the corner, I knew the date had potential. She was absolutely gorgeous with a warm inviting smile. I could tell she was a little shy, but I intended to open her up a bit with the famous Colpo Charm over the course of breakfast. Conversation felt so natural as we got to know each other a little better, both of us eating slowly to draw the date out as long a possible. But as brunch drew to a close, I began to think how to smoothly ask if she’d like to go on another date. Turns out she didn’t want to wait long to spend more time because as we were leaving, she said something I’ll never forget, “I’m not done with you yet.” We spent the entire day in downtown Wilmington enjoying each other’s company and as we said our goodbyes that evening, I knew we had something special.